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I'm David Angell.

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My interest in tech goes back to being a child of the 90's. My first computer was this bad boy, though this is the one > here < that got me loving design, tech and online via it's next incarnation the RiscPC.

From Bits of Marketing to Great Bytes

I've worked within digital marketing since 2004. Starting my career with the world of retail website content management and SEO, developing an understanding of the digital marketing needs of a site owner and the tools required to implement them.
Growth Coaching

I am a registered and approved Growth Coach for GrowthAccelerator, part of the Business Growth Service, a government-backed service. I work across multiple industries offering offering digital strategy and activation support to businesses with the potential to improve and grow.

From Campaigns to Word-smithery
In 2014 I co-founded a collective of digital practitioners Wordsmith Digital

We like to think of Wordsmith as the 'fixers of the internet', put slightly differently - if you have a digital problem, if no one else can help, and if you can send and email or call... maybe you can hire the W-Team.
I am also Associate Director for BrandResponse, working with social enterprises, causes & business for positive change. 

We work across the disciplines of digital campaigns, strategy, development and data. BrandResponse is also recognised as official NationBuilder Architects.

From Placement to Snapping

In mid 2012 I co-founded Social Placement a social media product placement company. We specialise in putting brands into movies, TV and music videos. We use social media activation and data mining to measure their success and profile your audience and customers. 

I have also recently worked for RooM the Agency in Strategy, Business Development and Communications, which I helped shape from it's previous incarnation as Pocketstock, a new generation photo agency, that crowd sources and sells camera, pocket camera and mobile stock photos.

From Googling to a Liberal Helping of Politics

Following my Masters Degree (below), I spent 3 years working at the awesome Google European
Headquarters within the AdWords & Google Analytics teams providing Google’s top-tier advertisers with AdWords & Analytics strategy. During this time I became an EMEA-wide Google Award winning optimiser.

I was also lucky enough to be responsible for managing Google’s European Google Grants, Google Earth Outreach & YouTube Non-profit programmes.

Moving back to the UK, I took a leap of faith to work for the newly elected Leader of the Liberal Democrats Nick Clegg.

I ran Nick Clegg’s Digital Communications from 2009 until his election as the Deputy Prime Minister following the 2010 election (he also co-authored the Liberal Democrat’s Digital General Election strategy). It was awesome.

Master Degree

In 2005 I graduated from Lancaster University with 
a Masters Degree in Conflict Resolution (International Relations) with Distinction. I also won Lancaster's International Relations and Politics Departmental Award.

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